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Death Epileptic Pixel its a difficult and insane platformer game in first person that will make you crazy. You are a pixel, the hero that will save the rest of pixels from destruction. You will pass different stages and finally you will turn off the Central System, or will take an evil decision that will change the pixel world. A colourfull experience that enchanted everyone who plays it , enjoy and save all the pixels... or not.

-Story Mode and Level Selection.
-40 levels. Can you complete them all?
-A Museum (this stage explain the creation process and other things of the game)
-Three ends: the normal end, the alternative end and the secret end.
-Two easter eggs in each level and lots of secrets.
-1080p HD resolution (optional)
-Cheats and secret codes!
-Mouse sensitivity can be changed.
-Click Mouse is better now.
-Lots of bugs fixed.
-References to another games.

-New levels!
-More easter eggs and secrets.
-More Story mode

You can download it on: http://www.desura.com/games/death-epileptic-pixel

Thanks for playing!